Phu My Hung Midtown launched the market in early 2017 which is developed by the joint venture between Phu My Hung and Japanese investors. Midtown includes 4 components The Grande, The Symphony, The Signature and The Peak.  In particular, the first two components which is seen from Nguyen Luong Bang Street, The Grande and The Symphony, they are entering the stage of completion. Furthermore, the Signature has been constructed to the 20th floor and The Peak has built the foundation.

The whole area is in the peak stage of construction, crowded with workers and busts rushing to transport construction materials. Besides the concrete buildings and behind the project adjacent to the Ca Cam canal, Sakura Park’s first cherry blossom park, is gradually taking shape.

Singapore Sakura flowers (pink trumpet) and some local plants are shrouded against by staging tree frame but has sprung green foliage. Many trees have sprinkled tender color in “new home”, despite around the corner still strewn rubble and loudly sound whenever the rollers run through.

The landscape around the seating area which have a cover simulating cherry petal shape and children’s play area … have also been sketched and built the base. The benches in the park nestled under the green canopy where workers and engineers stop to take a cool breeze from the river blowing at lunch break.

Mr. Trieu Duc Trung has nearly 20 years in charge of greening at Phu My Hung and also directly selects and cares for Singapore Sakura trees from the first day to the nursery of urban areas. He said that the progress to build the greenery of Sakura Park was in 4 months. However, to maintain the beauty after planting, the park is prepared by many workers for 2 years.

According to growth characteristics, Singapore Sakura usually takes up to 6 months to recover roots and develop normally. Two years ago, Phu My Hung decided to buy the trees which are 3 – 4 years old for nurturing, because it will make the trees familiarity with soil and weather in the complex. The incubation process is quite challenging because the roots are limited to growing in pots on the ground, which preparing for the move into the park later.

At the same time, he and his colleagues had to prepare soil for planting in the park, before bring the trees to there. Due to being developed on low-lying land, the land in Phu My Hung area was old with alum, heavy salinity could not cultivate rice or crops. During construction progress, the worker mainly used sand for leveling. Therefore, in order to plant trees, the division responsible for greening must add soil and organic fertilizer to improve the land.

When they have been assigned to start greenery the park, the deployment team took another month to create new pots for planting and wait for the trees adapt again. The transport was carried out completely by crane, to minimize the possibility of impact on the roots. On average, each turn of a vehicle with a tonnage of 15 tons can only carry 5-6 trees, avoiding the impact that affects the growth. For the first stage of Sakura Park, the deployment had spent 1 month to gather all the trees.

“The preparation process is quite remarkable, but the growth of the tree is not affected. The trees did not undergo a color shift changed leaves as usual, but immediately flower after moving,” Mr. Trung said.

The first phase of the park has 232 trees, including 89 Singapore Sakura trees, the rest are some local trees. The lower is covered by the greenery and some local flowers. Most plants have a red or pink color, in order to create the dominant pink for the park, even when Singapore Sakura is outed of the season. Currently, the number of Singapore Sakura trees planted for the second phase of the park is still being raised in the nursery area.

At the moment, the greening job has been completed the basic. The construction team of landscape, children’s play areas and installation of decorative lighting systems are also urgently completing. With the current construction progress, Mr. Trung expects the park will be readied for operation by the end of the second quarter.

This is also a particular point of the projects developed by Phu My Hung. The investor not only wants to hand over an apartment but also a perfect living space, with parks, landscaping facilities, amenities and entire accompanying services.

According to the master plan, Phu My Hung urban area is 433ha in size, which is home to about 100,000 people and serves about 500,000 guest. In which, the land fund for housing construction only 26%, the rest is for public, commercial, greenery and transportation. After 25 years of development, the main features truly respected the first plans of investor, with the average rate of greenery per capita in urban areas is still very high, to 8.9m2 per person.

Currently the land fund for housing development in the region is less than 20% that why Phu My Hung focuses on luxury projects. This means that the average value per square meter of land remains high. But the representative of Phu My Hung affirmed that the master plan has delineated the functions of each area as well as population, so far it create a harmony between living space, architectural space and people. Therefore, reducing the greenery area development area is impossible. Furthermore, every green space must also carry a distinctive stamp, different from the ones developed.

“Every resident at Phu My Hung are sophisticates and personalities owner. We set ourselves a goal to make a difference for each project, so that they don’t have the sense of being stereotyped with others.” Mr. Hung explained.

Of course this goal creates many challenges for the team of architects, when constantly creating new, unique things in each project. For Phu My Hung Midtown, according to Mr. Norihiko Kudo – architect of the overall project planning, the complex is winding along a beautiful river flow. Based on the idea of a riverside park, the planners brought Japanese traditional – Cherry Blossom (Hanami) festivals – as the key feature.

This is also the reason the park is named Sakura Park. In addition to the area to plant trees, the park also has three functional subdivisions: Sakura plaza, Kid Zone, Sports Zone.

With a multi-functional design, the park is a place where residents can relax, immerse themselves in a quiet space to chat, read books or play many popular sports….

“Sakura Park is a major project, bringing soul to the landscape of Phu My Hung Midtown area. In addition, the park creates space for outdoor activities, increase the ability to interact with the community and enjoy nature. That is the way to make humanity, towards the activities related to the life and health of residents, “Mr. Hung emphasized.

According the research of Dr. David Nowak (USA), the air in the area with high greening will reduce 13% of dust, 15% of SO2 gas, and 8% of NO2 gas … compared to the normal environment. Trees are also considered as “natural air conditioners” with the ability to cool air equivalent to 10 industrial air conditioners. Similar research also point out that living in close proximity to nature will help people reduce the risk of depression, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, stroke,……

The Peak will be the most concentrated place for greenery because the public space of this building is the widest and this factor will help architects create many sub-regions which are beautiful and multi-functional. The most prominent are waterfalls and streams alternating between the green landscape, the water fountain between 2 blocks and the square between the blocks of M8A.