“The land funding for housing development in Phu My Hung City Center is limited. Therefore, housing in Phu My Hung City Center will be increasingly scarce and the number of housing products we offer will be more selective”, said Mr Bui Duy Toan (Director of Phu My Hung Real Estate Transaction Office).

On May 26th, although only 60 products were introduced, the launch event of THE PEAK (block B) still attracted a large number of customers. In particular, most customers were business owners or senior managers working in the field of real estate, IT, finance, education, etc. The project also recognized the settlement movement of customers coming from district 1, 2, 3 and other provinces. Many customers strongly agreed that Phu My Hung Development Corporation “always does more than what has been said and add values for buyers”.

Going beyond the fact that is positioned as a high-end project, THE PEAK fully satisfies all elements of a luxury project in the market regarding location, developers, exclusivities, finishing, management’s quality, finance, etc. Moreover, THE PEAK also possesses many unique and outstanding points: Being located in the all-in-one Phu My Hung City Center with well-established and fully equipped social-technical infrastructures; the elite community is strictly selected; project’s legal information is transparent, etc.

On June 2019, Phu My Hung will launch block D with the central location and the best panoramic view of THE PEAK: the first Sakura Park in Vietnam and scenic rivers, the tranquil landscapes inspired by Japanese contemporary style, the vivid central foundation and the “green oasis” Southside District, etc.