Since the first introduction in December 2016, PHU MY HUNG MIDTOWN – the project line representing the 4th generation of Phu My Hung’s apartments – not only has become a “fever” in the market, a remarkable joint venture between Phu My Hung and three leading Japanese developers (Daiwa House Group, Nomura Real Estate Group và Sumitomo Forestry Group), but also leads the development trend for high-end housing segment under a self-contained complex model in HCMC.

n the last 3 years, Midtown has always been chosen as the opening for the Phu My Hung’s business years. More than 1600 units have been sold with sales record 96-100% within a few hours of launches. Thousands of registration letters and guests attending the right-to-purchase drawing process, which are 3-5 times the number of units. Many customers are willing to wait for more than 2 years to successfully own a Midtown’s condo. It is rarely a project that receives much appreciation as Midtown.

Moreover, when land allocation for housing in Phu My Hung City Center is scarce, the development of such an international-standard complex as Phu My Hung Midtown only comes once. Especially, THE PEAK is a last component of Midtown, THE LAST CHANCE to own “the utopia of life” besides the only Sakura Park in Vietnam & scenic river. Beyond the expectation of “the best”, The Peak – THE BEST OF THE BEST – is an exquisite yet unique combination of location, landscapes, interior design, materials, etc.

Without stressing on the ambitions to be named amongst leaders in the real estate market, the only thing Phu My Hung & Phu My Hung Midtown strives for is to consistently pursue the goal towards sustainable development and to maximize the benefits and experiences for home buyers. This is a special gift that Phu My Hung and partners bring to customers in The opening ceremony of The Peak (M8A) on January 17th 2019. Let’s watch some beautiful photos taken in this event!